Joe O'Donnell is an accomplished musician with over 40 years of experience & awards. Possessing a rounded musical background including classical, movie scores, pop, dance, and rock music, Joe places a heavy emphasis on lyrics tying his original music to the expression of emotion.

Playing various instruments (trumpet, baritone, piano, synthesizers, and drums), gives Joe a unique perspective on composing. All genres are on the table including movies or popular songs. His song writing and playing skills are complimented by deep technical skills and broad business experience. We invite you to listen to Joe's unique variety of original music illustrating not only his skills, but his passion.

Career Highlights

First Trumpet and First Chair in Connecticut’s All-State Orchestra and Jazz Band.

First prize for Intra-state college talent contest (piano composition).

Completed 45 LP record for Amnesty International. Credits include keyboards, acoustic and programmed midi drums.

Winner of Connecticut Cable Laurel Television Award for "Outstanding Music" in the award-winning movie "The Rented House”.

Winner of Connecticut Cable Laurel Television Award for "Outstanding Music" in the award-winning movie "Second Chances”.

Musical Director of Cole Porter’s Broadway show "Anything Goes" at the Thomaston Opera House of Connecticut. Conducted and arranged all vocals, performed, and recorded all music, created all sound effects, and coordinated all dancing with musical arrangement via home studio and computer. First musical to sell out 8 nights in a row. Cited by critics as a "smash hit,". First ever MIDI production of a musical in the area.

All composition of music for Connecticut's Public Television and Connecticut Commission on the Arts award-winning movie "Second Chances."

All keyboards for Broadway Musical "Little Shop of Horrors" debuting at the Thomaston Opera House of Connecticut