ODMUSICMAN Releases Music


Joe O'Donnell, also known as ODMUSICMAN, a musician with 40+ years of experience, has released his music to the public.  His album, Life Redacted, covers the genres of pop, rock, and dance. Themse include, war, redemption and hope. with a heavy emphasis on lyrics. 

"All this has been a long time coming", says Joe. "I spent a lot of the last 30 years focusing on proving for my family, my priority. Many musicians understand the reality in this business." 

"I think when people listen to my music, they will enjoy it but also notice they have not quite heard anything exactly like it". 

"Now is the time to make new songs and recreate old songs near and dear to my heart. Some may think I've been hiding all this, but in reality, it's always been there".  

"What I am very excited about in the near future is my release of Timeless, my musical dedication to one of my idols, Keith Noel Emerson. It is an orchestral/pop piece with strong affection to a man that challenged me to rethink music, playing skills, and composition. Keith left us too early, but I hope and pray this song does justice to his legacy". 

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