ODMUSICMAN Releases Music


It’s been a long time coming. I have finally released my first album, A Life Redacted, under my music name ODMUSICMAN. The album reflects positive changes in my life and my relationship with my daughter in our premier song, Second Chances and our second duet and family effort Give.

Welcome to Our Music

Second Chances, re-written from the movie I scored in the 1990's, is a duet with my daughter Michelle about the redemption possible in all relationships.  Michelle was critical in re-working the lyrics to match our story and message as well as adding spectacular ideas to her vocals. Also, there is no AI, no tricks, and no autotune. Michelle provides her pitch perfect serene vocals proving she has chops as good as anyone.

Heart of Darkness was the novella that inspired the Vietnam movie Apocalypse Now. This song explores the mind of the soldier in a war he doesn't want. 

Remembering is just what it sounds like, a musing of past relationships and memories and how those perspectives changed as we grew older. 


Driftwood is a statement song about Gen Z and Millennials. The lyric "If we see a mountain, we don’t climb. But we want a miracle, the easiest kind" expresses observations of a frustrated generation. 

Ghost Girl is about the perfect girl you imagined exists until you realize there is no such person. You were chasing that perfect ghost girl all your life. 

Hunting for Heaven speaks to our pining for peace and how each one of us has our own thoughts of what Heaven is.  

Give The most common phrases people say as their dying wish is "do you love me" and "do you forgive me". Give delivers an important message about love, forgiveness, and understanding.

The Light is You finishes the album with a tribute to my brother Patrick, who passed away in 2024 from cancer at the young age of 57. 

A Lifelong Artist

Michelle O'Donnell was born with a paint brush in one hand and song sheet in the other. Whenever we speak to Michelle, we are more than likely interrupting her humming a tune. Michelle enjoyed early guitar lessons and still enjoys picking up the instrument. Her enthusiasm for learning, whether it is the art form of drawing or singing, puts her in the constant state of improvement. Michelle started at an early age story boarding cartoons moving on to her love of singing, especially harmonies.


What some may not know is that Michelle has the rare gift of perfect relative pitch. This means if a sequence of notes is played to her, she can repeat them accurately every time. I call her "one take Michelle." She has also developed her voice over the years with hundreds of hours spent practicing harmonies and complicated arrangements from Celine Dion and the like.

Michelle is also responsible for reworking lyrics on Second Chances, Give and Remembering as well as creating my album cover exposing her creative talents as an artist designer. 


Today Michelle enjoys a full-time occupation at the American School for the Deaf working with deaf, blind, and autistic children, some of whom are afflicted with all three conditions. Her love and patience with special needs children is a gift and her calling.



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